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oct14-newsletter-artSeveral times per year, the Administrators of Palm Village Retirement Community publish the "Palm Villager" newsmagazine, which includes informative and interesting stories about our residents and our facility. Current and past issues of our Palm Villager California Retirement Community newsletter are available in PDF format to read at your leisure using the links below.

Download our Latest Magazine (pdf)

(August, 2018 - Residents' Careers Then and Now)

Previous issues:

February, 2018 Palm Villager
75th Anniversary Gala download (pdf)
August 2017 Palm Villager
Missions worldwide download (pdf)
March 2017 Palm Villager
Celebrating 75 Years download (pdf)
August 2016 Palm Villager
Lasting Relationships download (pdf)
April 2016 Palm Villager
Don Seeks: Soaring With Eagles download (pdf)
Dec 2015 Palm Villager
Fall Fun and Creativity download (pdf)
Aug 2015 Palm Villager
Active Seniors download (pdf)
April 2015 Palm Villager
Baby Boomers download (pdf)
Oct 2014 Palm Villager
Stephen Vincent download (pdf)
July 2014 Palm Village
Helen Krause download (pdf)
March 2014 Palm Villager
David Reimer in Lebanon download (pdf)
Nov 2013 Palm Villager
Fall Jamboree download (pdf)
July 2013 Palm Villager
Fourth of July download (pdf)
March 2013 Palm Villager
Soup Supper download (pdf)
December 2012 Palm Villager Fiscal Cliff, Sal Tena Memorial download (pdf)
Summer 2012 Palm Villager Gus Madrigal, PV 70th Birthday download (pdf)
Spring 2012 Palm Villager Mel Salwasser download (pdf)
Winter 2012 Palm Villager Mercy Drops/Donations download (pdf)
Fall 2011 Palm Villager Fall Jamboree download (pdf)
September 2011 Palm Villager 4th of July Celebration download (pdf)
May 2011 Palm Villager Spring has Sprung download (pdf)
February 2011 Palm Villager Soup Supper download (pdf)
Spring 2010 Palm Villager Guest Chef Dinner download (pdf)
Winter 2010 Palm Villager Cinnamon Jamboree download (pdf)
Winter 2009 Palm Villager 2008 was a “blessed” year download (pdf)
Summer 2009 Palm Villager David Reimer 20 Years download (pdf)
Spring 2009 Palm Villager Soup Supper/Sister's-in-Law download (pdf)
Fall 2008 Palm Villager Cinnamon Jamboree/Mike Ratzlaff download (pdf)
July 2008 Headlines & Heroes Walter Krause download (pdf)
March 2008 Palm Villager Soup Supper download (pdf)
January 2008 Headlines & Heroes Egon Hofer download (pdf)
February 2007 Headlines & Heroes Children's Art download (pdf)
Spring 2007 Palm Villager Palm Village 65th Anniversary download (pdf)
Winter 2006 Palm Villager Belgrade/Sarajevo Trip, Barbara's download (pdf)
Summer 2006 Palm Villager Rehabilitation Department download (pdf)
January 2006 Headlines & Heroes Barbara Friesen download (pdf)
December 2005 Palm Villager New Fitness Center download (pdf)
Summer 2005 Palm Villager Cinnamon Jamboree download (pdf)
July 2005 Headlines & Heroes Veronica Rodriguez download (pdf)
Spring 2005 Palm Villager Generations download (pdf)
Summer 2004 Palm Villager Philosophical Musings download (pdf)