Healthy Lifestyle is Beyond Expectations

“Now that we live here, I never think about my age. We don’t think of ourselves as old. We wish we had moved here sooner!” 

These are comments that are frequently spoken by the residents of retirement communities and were recently made in a phone interview by Palm Village Retirement Community residents, Ed and Verona Neufeld.

To answer the question of what was the most important factor of the ideal retirement community when they started their search five years ago, they replied, “to have varying levels of health care.” 

However, the predominant part of the conversation was not about the continuing care, but the freedom they have to participate in so many activities with so many friends. Their enthusiasm for retirement community living was evident in their tone of voice over the phone lines. “We jump for joy for our lifestyle here, “ stated Mr Neufeld.

The Neufeld’s had hoped to live closer to their children, however, the cost of living in the cities where their children live, just didn’t fit in their budget. With the recommendation of friends who already live at Palm Village they investigated the community and knew this would soon be home.

They stated that some folks balk at the entrance fee associated with a continuing care retirement community, however Mrs. Neufeld commented that if we expect to be taken care of we feel the entrance fee is very justified.

So they moved in and discovered that a Patio Home not only provides them with a lovely residence, but also a place where they feel “happy, loved and secure with plenty of friends to enjoy activities like movies, chapel, coffee breaks, games, and going to places off campus and doing things that are fun”. 

Mrs. Neufeld goes to the on-site fitness center every morning 5 days a week and feels that this habit of physical and mental activity helps her stay healthy and live longer. Mr. Neufeld is especially pleased with the opportunity to help with projects at the community. He recently participated in the group effort to refurbish the chapel chairs. “Our group had so much fun that when it was finished, we all asked, what’s next”, he stated with a chuckle in his voice.

Then, returning to conversation about the health care options, both agreed that the advantage of on-site health care is comforting because if one of them does need skilled nursing, it is just a short walk across campus for a visit by the spouse. They feel that those who don’t choose retirement community living miss out on this option that is so beneficial to them. 

So after all this praise, the question that had to be asked was, “What improvements to your lifestyle do you feel could be made?” After a long pause the Neufelds simultaneously responded, “No complaints from me.”