Assisted Living Residence is Often the Best Choice for the Whole Family

Most of us enjoy the circle of family that gathers during the holidays and the various activities for loved ones from infant to elderly. We certainly recognize the joy that the elderly find in the playtime with the young ones. And often, it is at these gatherings that the changes in the stages of life of our parents and grandparents become especially evident.

Just as we are blessed to help the very youngest with their daily routines and development we may now recognize that this assistance is once again a part of life with the oldest generation.

The difference in the care of the two generations is that most of us are knowledgeable in the care of children, but not in the care of the elderly. 

In many cases we do not have the time to add the duties of caring for an elder into our schedule. And bringing an elder into the home and trying to integrate the routine of three generations is most often challenging as it takes increased energy, focus, and financing. This is truly understandable, so wise individuals seek the services retirement communities offer to be sure the elders can continue to lead a healthy lifestyle and the family circle stays joyful.

“We looked at other senior communities and after several interviews it became obvious that Palm Village was a loving retirement community for Mom,” states Vallli Hansen from Sanger.

There are many retirement communities in this area that provide several levels of care. Usually the choice to move to an independent living community is made by the seniors themselves as they choose to and are able to plan for themselves.

The scenario of choosing assisted living is sometimes a more sensitive issue as the senior and their families need outside assistance. 

When you visit with residents of assisted living communities you will most often be told by the residents that they are very pleased with the care they receive and the social environment of the community with activities they enjoy.

Residents are served 3 nutritious meals every day, receive laundry and housekeeping services, may participate in planned activities and have nursing personnel available 24 hours a day all in a secure and safe environment.

It is a lifestyle that those elders who have contributed so graciously to family and community deserve to lead. With a phone call to a retirement community, you will discover that life in assisted living will be rewarding in ways you have not previously conceived and that the benefit is one that is enjoyed by several generations. “It was my children’s idea (for me to move here),” states Laura Nickel, a resident of Palm Village. “I am very pleased. It’s comfortable, neat and clean and the people are good”, she continues.

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