Retirement Communities Meet Our Core Needs

by Dan Pimentel

When you visit a retirement community, focus on whether or not each one of your basic needs will be met. Now the question is, have you really identified what your basic needs are?

We all need food and shelter, and for sure that will be provided, so now let’s discover our needs beyond the practical.

If we were to have a discussion on the topic of what do we really need in life, chances are good that we might all make statements very similar to each other’s. It is a discussion that would be enlightening for adult children to have with their parents.

Often adult children want to care for their parents at home and guilt keeps them from researching how a retirement community may be a place where their parent’s expectations are not only fulfilled, but are met beyond what they envision.

When we ask the adult children of our residents at Palm Village Retirement Community what is most important to them in regards to their parents, they want to be assured their parents will be safe and secure. The children have the same requirement for themselves and their children.  Safety and security are universal needs.

Every day we look for adventures, activities and something new because boredom isn’t appealing. Retirement homes generally have an activities staff that keeps the resident’s calendars full.

We want to know we are significant to others, worthy of love and wanted. We want to be connected, to communicate, and to receive approval. Meal times, activities and events each offer unique opportunities for those needs to be met.

Our spirits desire emotional and intellectual growth and in addition, the need to give beyond ourselves to others and to care for others. Many residents volunteer inside and outside of the retirement community. They now have time to do so because, most of the requirements associated with taking care of their home are the responsibilities of others.

Palm Village is known for our sense of community, and it is evident as you see the groups of people laughing and speaking with animation. And love is present not only among the residents but also with every staff member, whose priority is to always be sure the residents receive loving care and that all of their needs are met.